Catering-Gift Baskets-Platters

Are you or your office/business looking to do something different? Try us on for size.

We offer bagel+cream cheese gift baskets for $26.00. This unique presentation of 13 sliced bagels and 2 half pound containers of cream cheese arranged in a basket makes for a great way to deliver your message. With advance notice, we can customize larger baskets or platters to accommodate 18-24 bagels and cream cheese.

We are prepared to work with you on multiple orders of baskets and/or trays for the Holiday Season. Perhaps you may want to consider a basket Christmas or the New Year, thereby impressing your clients/friends before the “Holiday onslaught”.  Perhaps you have extended family or friends coming down to enjoy the beautiful Southwest Florida Beaches.  These bakets make for nice welcoming gifts as usually everyone is hungry!

IDEA: With some advance notice, The Bagel Factory can have as many baskets/platters ready for you as you ‘make your rounds’. Earlier this year, we delivered multiple orders throughout Lee and Collier Counties for a major bank as a special promotion.

Does your business order in breakfast/lunch? At the Bagel Factory we can prepare anything on our menu for your event. From bagels and cream cheese to prepared sandwiches, we have it all. Just look at our “Catering Notes” handout that we distribute at The Bagel Factory.

We also have Coffee boxes to go in the 1 gallon size.  Our prices include cups, sugars, creamers and stir sticks. Ask us about borrowing larger containers for events which require more coffee.  We have special containers which we can lend.

Need Something On The Go?

Company Rep/Drug Rep?

Take a look at our “Catering Notes” . We think you’ll find our selection unique, fun and delicious when it comes to a Bagel Factory Breakfast or Luncheon for your clients. Already we have an excellent reputation throughout the area. Our bagel sandwiches are a welcome relief to the same old ‘stand-by’ that most of your competitors rely upon. Not only does The Bagel Factory have a recognized name; your clients will love you for the “Freshness, Consistency and Abundance” you are delivering.

Please keep in mind that we are happy to deliver within the local area orders of $100.00 or more. Special arrangements can be made for multiple baskets/platters during the Holiday Season. We routinely prepare smaller orders for pick-up.

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