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Its amazing how the following elements gel together for success: People who work hard, a great product, consistency, a clean place, and friendliness. When you have all of this, success is not a fluke.

Tara & Mark welcome your business.

The owners, Mark and Tara formed The Bagel Factory in 1995. This business is not a chain or a franchise. After extensive research and hands on experience, The Bagel Factory opened it’s doors on December 1, 1995. It has never slowed down.

The recipes, the dough-making and baking techniques are only part of the operation. While plenty of credit is due to the fine employees that work at The Bagel Factory, the owners are “hands on” people who work at their business everyday. The Bagel Factory is no doubt quite capable of running on it’s own under the watchful eyes of it’s dedicated employees, yet Mark and Tara are there everyday. When they are not cleaning, baking, dough-making, preparing salads and cream cheeses, they are greeting and serving wonderful customers and friends. There is nothing that anyone is asked to do that the owners do not do themselves.  Even daughters Christine, Lauren and Taylor are there to pitch in with serving, cleaning and greeting.

In the front of the store, we have people who have worked the food service business for many years. Some of this experience is in management as well as in the bagel business. Others are currently in school and have made strong commitments to work hard and enjoy themselves. Everyone is outgoing and they are wonderful people to get to know.   And we want you to get to know them.  They are part of our extended family.

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