Inside the Factory

Caitlyn is preparing and order, and there is Lauren, ready to ring you up! "You Go Girls, Go!"

CLEAN!!! FRIENDLY!!! 40 seats from which to choose! Things we do not apologize for: Enthusiasm, politeness, THE SELECTIONS, the effort to make you feel welcome and that we want you to come back!

Where are the queing lines? The rails? The ‘Take a Number’ dispensers? Not here. We encourage you to look around and we work at making eye contact and keeping an orderly line moving down past the display case to the register. Our line moves fast because we hustle. It works because we make it work, and once you experience it, you’ll be part of the family.

We want you to feel comfortable. You do not have to ask for re-fills on drinks. Just serve yourself. Fresh Brewed Gourmet Coffee, soft drinks, imported Paradise Tropical Tea, it’s all here. 

Oh, the PICTURE WINDOW!!! Mark says that when he was growing up (as if he really has), that he remembers watching the Shakey’s Pizza Parlor bakers make pizza dough and bake behind the glass. Since he liked it so much then, you too should have the opportunity to watch the bagel process anytime!! Who says that we have to grow up?

Annie and Jackie, how can it get any better?

We pride ourselves on getting your order out correctly, fast and friendly.

P.S. When was the last time that an eating establishment felt confident enough to have the kitchen/baking area open with windows for your inspection?

Karen & Bruce, we love you!

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